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        Special cable for robot encoder

        • Special cable for robot encoder

        The robot encoder cable is a highly flexible transmission data cable used in occasions where the servo encoder device unit needs to move back and forth or fixed installation of equipment. The thin multi-stranded core wire and the twisted structure make the electromagnetic waves concentrated on the surface of the wire for transmission. The surface spiral distance and reflection distance in its propagation are relatively short, and the total spiral distance and reflection distance to the receiving end are relatively short. The superposition of the reflected wave and the original wave can almost overlap, ensuring the high frequency response characteristics of the encoder cable. Small high-frequency heat loss ensures low signal attenuation and delay.
        Flexible structure design, high flexibility of the cable, bending resistance, especially suitable for bending occasions such as the reciprocating movement of the ring.
        Suitable for dry or wet spaces subject to moderate mechanical load
        Suitable for torsion applications, typical applications are the crossover area in robots
        In the cable/line package of the crank arm robot, and the gantry robot
        The robot encoder cable adopts a twisted-pair shielding structure design, the braided layer shielding coverage rate is as high as 85%, the cable differential signal transmission performance is stable, and the anti-interference performance is good.

        A variety of standard lengths, and can be cut according to customer needs
        Complete specifications, up to 100 cores
        Flame retardancy meets IEC 60332-1-2
        Good chemical resistance, please check catalog appendix T1
        Oil resistance complies with DIN EN 50290-2-22 (TM54) standard

        Product structure
        Conductor: multiple strands of thin bare copper wire bundled soft structure conductor, thin bare copper wire stranded conductor (6 categories)
        Insulation: TPE insulation
        Cable formation: stranded core wires
        Inner protection: non-woven fabric wrapping
        Outer sheath: TPU, gray / green / orange

        Technical Parameters
        Operating temperature: fixed installation: -50°C to +80°C (UL/CSA: +80°C)
        Mobile installation: -45°C to +80°C (UL/CSA: +80°C)
        Bending radius
        Mobile installation: 8 × outer diameter
        Fixed installation: 5 x outer diameter
        Rated voltage
        IEC U0/U: 450/750 V
        UL/CSA: 600 V
        Test cable 2500V
        Burning test: flame retardant, in line with IEC 60332-1-2,
        UL VW-1, cable burning test, CSA FT 1
        Non-flammable, in line with IEC 60332-3-22 Class A standard
        Core wire identification: color core wire identification, in line with VDE 0293-308
        6 cores and above: black core wire white number identification
        G = with yellow-green grounding protection core wire
        X = without yellow-green grounding protection core wire

        Certification standards
        Certification: CE UL dual certification


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